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Terms of Service

Shipping & Delivery

Once a sale item has been purchased through DymonMine.com, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to arrange for pick-up or delivery of the item on the purchase date. However there are certain circumstances where DymonMine will allow a purchased item to remain at the facility (maximum of 3 days).

Dymon Self-Storage offers a Truck & Driver service for a nominal fee. This service must be booked in advance and coordinated with the purchase date of a sale item. Our drivers are not liable for any damages incurred through the transportation of the sale items. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to load and secure sale items. This service is for a Truck & Driver only - We are not movers!

Certain sale items on DymonMine may include "Paid Delivery" option built in the price. If so, it will be clearly stated in the sale item description. This feature is a popular option wherein a seller can pre-pay delivery of a sale item, usually over-sized, in an effort to sell quicker. In these situations a third party company has been contracted to deliver the sale item. DymonMine always maintains a contact list of reputable local movers and these services are available to the purchaser provided they make all necessary arrangements.


DymonMine has a strict No Return policy - All sales are final. We take all possible steps to ensure that all sale items are of a higher quality and condition before we list them. All potential buyers have the opportunity to view a sale item before purchase. In the case of electronics, we test the functionality before posting the sale items on-line to ensure they are in operational condition. Furthermore, the purchaser is permitted the use of our Electronics Test Table to personally confirm the operational condition of the electronic item for sale before they buy. All products sold through DymonMine are listed as-is and do not come with any special warranty unless specified (transferable warranties may still exist for certain items).

Payment, Pricing & Promotion

For the purchase of items through DymonMine payment terms can be accepted in Cash, Debit, MasterCard, Visa or American Express. DymonMine does not accept cheques of any kind. On-Line purchases can be made with Credit-Card and INTERAC.

As a seller on DymonMine the commission of the item will be collected at the point of sale and the cheque for the difference will be mailed out at month end.

Promotional material, vouchers or otherwise will only be accepted if they have been officially authorized by Dymon Self-Storage, DymonMine or an affiliate thereof. Vouchers may apply to specific zones or locations and may not necessarily be accepted at all locations.

Buy It Now

When using the Buy It Now option, payment must be made online. After payment, a receipt will be emailed to the provided email address. To pick up the item, please bring the receipt and piece of photo identification matching the name on the receipt.

Offer System

When using DymonMine's offer system, you acknowledge that you are bound by the following guidelines:

  • All offers and interactions between buyer and seller are completely anonymous
  • All offers are binding if accepted by the seller, and all counter-offers are binding if accepted by the buyer
  • All offers are valid for a 24 hour period. If offers are not ackowledged (accepted, declined, or countered) by the seller or buyer within this period, the offer will be considered null and void and removed from the system
  • Once an offer is accepted, the buyer has 24 hours to make payment for the item
  • Payment must be made online. If the buyer does not wish to pay online, they must contact the nearest Dymon Self Storage location before the 24 hour period expires to make alternative arranagements

Account Info

You are able to review and update your account information where necessary. Under "My Dashboard" there is an edit section where name, address, email and password can be adjusted. It is very important that all account details be kept up to date.

Deleting or Removing your DymonMine Account

If you wish to remove your account from DymonMine.com please send us an e-mail to info@dymonmine.com

Please include your email address in this correspondence and we will delete your account information within 3 business days