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Premium Vinyl Stretcher Pad
This stretcher pad has 2 snap on connections underneath pad that will fasten to a stretcher. Hardly used.
Ranger Electric Wheelchair
A Ranger power chair made in British Columbia. This is a demo unit so it is being sold at a fraction of the retail price and comes with...
Electric Fortress Scooter
For over 25 years, Fortress scooters have carried with them, a legacy of superior durability, reliability and comfort. Its exciting look...
GoGo Scooter
Red gogo scooter. Comes with charger. Looks and feels like new.
Invacare X4 Wheelchair MRSP 2000
Invacare X4 wheelchair, Capacity 300 lbs. Purchased for ~$2,000.

The Tracer IV Wheelchair features superior durability, rollability and...
Mechanical Twin Adjustable Bed frame and Box Spring on Wheels
Mechanical bed with electric adjustments for maximum comfort. Remote control permits anyone to sit up, or lay back and relax in comfort...
MC Healthcare Advantage Series hospital bed Model QD1000
This hospital bed is 36 x 80, with Lincoln head and foot boards in dark wood, with a Pressure Relief mattress, safety side rails and an...
Whirlpool Tub
Whirlpool Tub - 1HP

This large, comfortable and classy looking bathtub features a 1HP UltraJet motor hooked up to 12 floor mounted bubbler...