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Faux Plant
Faux plant perfect for home staging, or to add a little colour to the place. Plant includes a set of string-lights pre-installed.
Brass Fireplace Screen
Large solid brass fireplace screen with movable screen.
Bombay End Table
Maple Bombay in great shape. Priced to sell!
Black Leather Hall Bench
Are your feet tired when you get home? Take a seat on this hallway bench and throw them shoes off. This beautiful piece is just waiting...
Decorative Christmas Trees (3)
3 Sparkling Christmas trees, perfect for store or home fronts.
Christmas Tree
This is 7 foot xmas tree is three sided to save space as it can be placed directly against a wall.
Floral Lamp Stand
Floral Lamp Stand
Antique Floral Patterned TV Stand
Great condition