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Various Writers of Suspense
1. Linda Fairstein- Bad Blood
2. Kim Edwards - The Memory Keeper's Daughter.
3. Pike- Until the End.
4. Lisa Scottoline- Think Twice. ...
Various Novels
Various Novels. Titles include:

The Angel of Darkness- Caleb Carter
The Glory - Herman Wouk
The Hour I First Believed - Wally Lamb
An Echo...
Various Novels
Various Novels. Titles include:

Prisoner of My Desire - Johanna Lindsay
Secrets of the Morning - VC Andrews
Gold Coast - Mary Pershall
Various Novels
Various novels. Titles include:

Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
Private Games - James...
Various Writers of Thriller
1. Dick Fancis - Under Orders
2. Jonathan Kellerman - Monster
3. Margaret Thuman - Murder on Embassy Row
4. David Wong - John Dies at the...
Various Writes of Thriller
1. Jonathan Kellerman - Twisted
2. Patricia Cornwell - All that Remains
3. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child- Cemetery Dance.
4. Brad Meltzer-...
Various Writers of Contemporary Fiction
1. Jodi Picoult - Change of Heart 2. Ann Patchett- State of Wonder 3. Kitty Neale - The Empty Hearth 4. John Hart - Iron House
Various Writers
1. Dean Koontz - Sole Survivor 2. Dean Koontz - The Face of Fear 3. Catherine Coulter - The Maze 4. Stephen King - Duma Key