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Blue Toolbox
A Hardy toolbox that has seen some use. small dents.
Set of Pontiac Rims and Tires
This set of rims and tires came from a Pontiac vehicle. Though they are used the rims are still in good condition and the tries still have...
Good Year - Nordic Snow tires on rims
These snow tires are P18565R15s and were used for 2 winters on a Nissan Versa. There are still in decent shape and still have a few years...
4 Turanza EL 400 15" Tires
Previously used tires but they remain in good working condition. The tire may show visible signs of wear but they can still take you onto...
Saab 9.3 steel rims
Using these steel rims will make sure you don't crack or scrape your alloy ones. They also keep the alloys from corroding.