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First Signs of Spring
A masterpiece, taken at the "First Signs of Spring". Enjoy all the details, from the rich colour palette to lavish darker background. In...
Nature's Hidden Gifts
Nature's hidden beauty. Brilliant whites, striking blues and engaging greens... Share and celebrate your passion for "Nature's Hidden Gifts"....
Timeless Flow
Riverbanks, often overlooked, not often enjoyed. This local artist visits the feeling of motion in a photograph named "Timeless Flow". Visit...
Canada Spirit
The majestic "West Block" of Parliament Hill captured in all its splendor. From the details of the stone work to the patina of the roof,...
The Mills
Details are often lost in translation however one look can say it all. Enjoy the true classic details of "The Mills". A famous heritage...
Across the hill...
An instant classic black and white "Street Art" piece of "Across the hill..." Spectacular attention to contrast allows bolder blacks while...
Constructed Beauty
Constructed Beauty demonstrates both the power and beauty that can be found in construction. Rarely captured in this degree of detail.

Downtown Magic
Street Art capturing downtown Ottawa. The artist uses a blend of metallic paper and bold colours to defiantly express "Downtown Magic"....