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Bird Sketch
Sketch of a bird among branches
Gift Set - Stationary
Set of gift wrapping stationary.
Art Table and Chair
Both items roll which make them super portable, table has marks on it as would any art table and it comes with plenty of storage for supplies....
Red and Blue Decorative Bottles
These lovely bottles could be used for live or dried flowers or what ever suits your fancy.
Framed Decorative Polished Stone on Velvet Backing
This unique decor piece features a taupe, emerald green and bone coloured polished stone, mounted on a velvet backing.
Framed Embroidered Flowers
A beautiful embroidered floral design that has been professionally framed.
Japanese Framed Poster Commemorating 2007 Plum Blossom Viewing Festival
Japanese framed poster that commemorates the 2007 plum viewing festival in Yokohama City.
4" Red Goatskin Drum
This genuine African Djembe is a beautiful item for the discerning decorator. In addition, it also has great tone as a musical instrument....