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Merfolk Spoon and Fork
Hand carved decorative spoon and fork wall hanging.
3 Ladies Dancing in the Dunes
Unsigned painting on canvas.
Original Painting by Anushka Jayasekera
Anushka is a Sri Lankan artist with his first art exhibition in 2004 at the Lionel Wendt being a tremendous success.
Original Oil Painting
Unsigned oil painting.
Hand Woven Vietnamese Art
The entire piece is painstakingly hand woven with expert level detail.
Jill Walker Caribbean Scene
If you are a fan of Jill Walker this is the only way to get a print other than going to Caribbean or paying for shipping!
Maureen St Clair Original
One of Maureen St. Clair's earlier works.
Maureen St Clair Original
one of Maureen St. Clair's earlier works.