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"Girl Sitting" Frame Photo
Black and white framed photo.
Robert Bateman - End of Season Grizzly
A beautiful Robert Bateman reproduction print of a grizzly bear.
Robert Batement - Arctic Landscape
A Robert Bateman reproduction print (1992) with certificate of authenticity.
Mastercraft Mini 12" Lathe
Working condition, has seen some wear.
Butterfly Stamp Painting
This butterfly stamp painting is very unique and will stand out on any wall it adorns.
The Storybook Painting
A man with a deep social conscience, William-Adolphe Bouguereau painted nearly 700 pieces throughout his extraordinarily productive artistic...
Painting - Fernandez Cabral:
"Marche Aux Fleurs a la Madeleine" is an exquisite painting set in the city of Paris. It has an ornate frame that is gently used.
Nude Painting - Oil on Canvas
Nude Darling - Oil on Canvas

A very quirky and colorful painting of a woman reading a letter on her bed. It comes situated in the original...